1. got this rad shot of Harris Whittaker holding it down in my hometown Redcliffe, QLD, Australia

  2. Fletcher Keys kicking out hard down a sunshine coast favourite

  3. kind of a wide one of Adam Babic and Jacob Friend railing a local corner

  4. kind of artsy photo of homie Matt Roberts hitting a hairpin

  5. Adam Babic Railing a local hairpin

  6. A couple of shots i got of local ripper Brendon Wright

  7. (Source: weheartit.com, via gnarvibesx)

  8. Recently been doing some photo and video stuff with fellow mudjimba cruisers team rider Micahel Coppleman, he got me pulling skate faces, but hey my companies wheels are here, there super gooooood shameless self promo.

  9. Photo dump from two weeks

  10. Found another #astina owner, this is a good day