1. I made an oddly fun video of local skater Ryan Bliss, He’s a grom who’s really progressing and pushing himself, he only went to his first event a few weeks ago, and i think showcasing the new guys on the community is pretty rad. 

  2. oslphoto:

    Byron Essert/Whistler July 2012

    (via gamsalus)

  3. Sunshine coast local Jesse Loveridge with a nice sit down slide

  4. Cameron Hancock - Team rider for Bustin Skateboards Australia and Mudjimba Cruisers Skateshop 

  5. Jordan Riachi - Toeside on the Arbor Aus tour

  6. Brandon Tissen letting out a drift on the recent Arbor Australia Tour

  7. Liam Morgan and Jordan Riachi skating my local on their Australian Arbor Tour

  8. This a photo by Jacob Friend of me going sideways at a Noosa favourite


  9. this song hits me in all the right places

    (Source: Spotify)

  10. Roy Churchland - Switch Toeside