1. Max Heaton breaking in some Earthwing chargers in a new review


  2. niccagedmyheart:

    Gambino discussing the subgenres of rap

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  3. sweg/yolo combo le matt roberts

  4. Adam Babic at drifters

  5. this guy

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  7. lifetimeofbliss:

    Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids

    so obsessed with this song wow.


  8. aliyahx0 said: you're tumblr is really awesome!:)

    oh thanks, i don’t really try to do things, i just post photos i take, and blog some things i like (and occassionally have little subtle rants about ma life and things) . But thanks for noticing (Y)

  9. Brady Faithful slideing on the inside of a local corner.

  10. Brady railing a tiled corner on a dk on 88a wheels